Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The question of Journaling

I always fall in love with the beauty of a new journal and have many with only three to four pages written on. The idea is strong in the beginning and sometime along the way I feel exposed. In looking back the journals started they are at painful times in my life. I did start a blog with the BJP but have not opened it for general viewing. That's telling isn't it?
We are almost completed with construction on a home in the Baja and this journal will show and tell the progress for the next year. I have left my fabric larger than the beaded portion and plan on using them as a page in a hand bound journal I learned in Robin's painted papers class. I will add pictures throughout the year and notes ( a promise to myself). I will try Robins idea's maybe I will change my ways. June is complete and July started. Only problem my daughter in-law thinks it should be out where it can be viewed and not in a closed book. I'll have to think that through.


Mary Tafoya said...

Hello Bethan, I can so relate to your post. The only kind of journals I ever kept religiously and honestly were dream journals.

But recently I found some very cool small format journals at Borders books. They are divided into section of lined, blank, and graph paper pages, with pockets throughout, along with plastic sleeves and even a zippered pouch.

I bought one and I'm using it as an art journal. Last night I cut out small pictures from an old book and glued a few into pages here and there, the rest of the images got tucked into the folders.

Then I journalled over one of the pages. Right now I'm in a wired cafe checking emails but also armed with my journal, a glue stick, a black marker and a white-out pen. Here we go! ;-)

Lois B said...

I so know what you mean about feeling exposed. That, and my general scatter-brained way of living, have kept me from being any good at keeping a journal. At one point I went through some old diaries and journals I had attempted to keep, read through them and destroyed them. I'd gotten all I needed from them and I just didn't want to leave that kind of artifact lying around for someone else to discover.

I always felt that way about my art, too, that it exposed too much of me, UNTIL I started doing bead embroidery. I guess the beads give me courage or something.

Robin said...

I would love to see a picture of your June piece, Bethan, if you're willing to share... You mentioned that you started a blog. Are you planning to post a picture? If so, will you give us a link?

Congrats on the Baja construction being nearly complete!

Bethan said...

Mary and Lois, thank your for your comments. I pulled out all my "few page" journals and am thinking of a combination kinda cut and paste into one journal

Robin, I wanted to hold true to the format of not posting pictures until September. I'll bring along with me to class on the 17th.