Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Hola y'all from Albaturkey

Or Alba-quirky? ;-) Thank you, Robin, for giving me access to post. I might not have time to keep up with all 200+ of us but hopefully will be able to come up for air once a month or so as we finish our bead journalling. I did manage to get June done, and it's posted on my blog:

There are pictures, so if you don't want to see, don't click the link!

Mary Tafoya


Sunni said...

Hi Ya Mary,
I peeked and its wonderful.

abeadlady said...

That's a gem, Mary. I love seeing all the different ideas that are being beaded.

ACey said...

Your page made me smile. I loved looking at all the details.

matilda said...

che bell'idea, divertente e così ricca di dettagli.

Mary Tafoya said...

Grazie, Matilda 8-)

Cyndi L said...

Very cute! It's so hard to get mirrors to scan "properly" :-)