Thursday, July 5, 2007

June done and July started

This is my first post here, although I've read all the posts to date. What an experience it has been to work on this project so far. I've really enjoyed seeing all the different pages for June.

My page started as a result of anger and frustration. I decided to pour all my feelings into it. I used colors that I don't usually use and as I worked, my negative feelings dissipated to a great degree. I felt like "Rage" was the right title for it.

I've started on July and it will be totally different in style and feeling. Maybe that's because I feel differently now. Good therapy!

You can see my work on my blog at:


Robin said...

YIPPEEEEEE, Arline!!!! You're here at last! I'm going right to your blog to see rage... Robin

abeadlady said...

Many thanks, Robin. Hope you like it.

Beadin' Gram said...

RAGE is fantastic --- the viewer feels it -- super work. Looking forward to your July piece.
Beadin' Gram

flyingbeader said...

Arline, you know I love that piece. The swirling oranges, reds & yellows just triggered my eyes to open wide & scream!


Morwyn said...


Cyndi L said...

I love the patchwork effect :-)