Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Pam T wrote on her blog: "This one has been poking at my brain since I finished it in October and didn't use it...... so I finished it up and now it's March! Still very appropriate, as skeletons are always rattling in MY closet...."

This is something that I have done - I have a couple of monthly projects that I have worked on, maybe completed, but haven't decided to put them in my BJP, but they are just sitting on my workbench.

Does anyone else have these "skeletons"? (perfect word by the way!)


a2susan said...

Hi, Liz. I have half a skeleton! I started a piece and really didn't like it. But I just kept it, because you never know if a new way of using it will occur, or if I look back on it I can see another way to proceed.

KV said...

I had to think about this before replying, Liz. The "false" starts I had were in the preliminary stages which translates into no beads had been worked into the design yet. But I have kept those three for possible future use if I can find a way to do them to my satisfaction.

Kathy V in NM