Saturday, April 12, 2008

Beading Away

Hi BJPers,
I'm just checking in again after several weeks away from the blog. It's great to see that a group will be continuing with a BJP II, and the site for it is beautiful. I'm still stitching away in blustery Wisconsin and planning to finish my January page next week. Then I'll add my Oct. - Jan. pieces to my website ( and post a new note with a link.
I've had really clear ideas for quite a while about what I plan to do in my Feb., April, and May pages, but I've been stuck all along on what to do for March. Then my husband, 9 yr. old son, and I watched the lovely film "Rivers and Tides" last night (it's about Andy Goldsworthy and his amazing installation art in natural settings using only local materials). What a beautiful film. Shortly after it was over I had a very clear idea of what I want to do for my March page. It's always amazing to me to see the process of inspiration at work. I highly recommend the film for any artist, but especially those who love the colors, patterns, and cycles of nature.
I'll write again, hopefully within a week, with a link to my four most recent pages. And I'm still very hopeful that I'll be able to finish all 12 by May 31st. Happy beading! Lisa B.


a2susan said...

Your bead work brings sunshine to rainy Michigan and puts a smile on my face - thanks~!

Robin said...

I couldn't agree with you more about the Andy Goldsworthy film... it's one of three I HAD to buy and own! There's a gallery in my town that carries all of his books. They have one of each available to read and enjoy in the gallery. OMG... I LOVE to go in there and page through one of the books. So very inspiring! Can't wait to see your link, Lisa, and of course your March page. BTW, he's influenced some of my BJP pieces too, as you can see if you look at them all together on the BJP website member page. May spring take away your late winter bluster soon... Hugs, Robin A.

KV said...

Your work is such an inspiration. It would be impossible to choose a favorite as they are all incredibly beautiful.

Kathy V in NM