Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Catching Up Finally!

G'Day Everyone,
Just a little teaser of February that I finished today, I've posted it to Flickr.
I was very sick in Feb and unable to bead at all. But am much better now.
March, April and May are all set to go then I only have to backtrack to August finish that and meet you all at the finish line on May 30!
I will be on board for next year (only wish it was a later start) that said I'm looking forward to having a break in June/July as it's my Birthday June 21st and My Son turns 18 July 2nd so methinks there will be a bit of partying going on!
I'm really enjoying being a part of this group my only regret is that you all live so gosh darn far away!
So it's back to the work desk for me while we still have beautiful sunshine here, it's supposed to be Autum(Fall) but the weather is so spring like even some of the flowers are blooming again - go figure!
Needles threaded, beads at the ready
Talk soon
Nospoj - Dinah


abeadlady said...

That is very nice, Dinah. Good play on words for February. Glad to hear you are going to join us again for next year.


Rose's Collection said...


I just found out this blog, and the project that you all doing really amazed me.

I will enjoy my self looking at all the design.