Thursday, April 17, 2008

Salute To Vincent a BJP Page.

Here is another page finished. I am behind but I am dedicated to finishing this project and hopefully on time.
I think I should have chosen a smaller size to work on as post card size(4"x6") requires a lot of time.
My theme was Song Titles so for this one I decided on "Starry Starry Night"
I am a great admirer of Vincent VanGogh's work and I love the song that goes with the painting .
I am not a real experienced beader, and I had trouble portraying his painting in beads, but I think I am about 60% happy with the finished piece..
Now on to the next..
Happy Beading everyone


Anonymous said...


I love your beaded rendition of Starry Starry Night! Such a lovely piece, thanks for sharing it with us.

Beadily yours
Night Beader

Maggie R said...

Thanks Susan....
This is certainly a challenging project but it is good to get out of the comfort zone every now and then!
I think perhaps i will try and design the next one with a little less beading on it so i can catch up!

flyingbeader said...

LOVELY! Maggie that is one beautiful tribute