Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I finally posts all of my pages so far

Here's my sob story: First my daughter lost our camera cord. Took us months to get a new one. I kept beading and posting (drafts) of what I completed. We finally got a new cord and I was lazy and didn't take pics. Then I had surgery and figured I could catch up my photos when I was off work. So I did!

Here are the links to each entry. Click on each of them to see them in GIANT detail!

Sept 2007
Oct 2007
Nov 2007
Dec 2007
Jan 2008
Feb 2008
Mar 2008
Apr 2008

Just one more to go! Wheeeeee.


Karen L. Cohen said...

Love your work, especially April 2008. Your stitches are so smooth. Hope you are feeling better after your surgery.

beadbabe49 said...

Hope you'll post these all together on the bjp flickr site...they would look awesome all together like that!

vivage said...

Thanks Karen, I've really been working hard on smoothing things out. I tend to crowd so it's been a struggle. Means a lot that you mention the smoothness.

Yep, I'm feeling pretty good after surgery, now if my knee would relax I'd be good. (but then again, if it were totally good, I'd be back at work!)

vivage said...

Beadbabe, I do need to post to Flickr and resize everything so I can post to the new bjp webpage. I thought I might try binding all my pages and rephotographing them but that makes my head spin. Not to mention this slow computer. LOL.

Nancy K. said...

I love them all. I bet they look wonderful put together. I think my favorites are the first too, the one with the felted pieces and the last one, in other words all of them! Nancy K.

vivage said...

LOL, Nancy, you made me laugh out loud. :-)

Brenda said...

Your pages are so fun and so different from anything I have seen so far. I love the way you have incorporated donuts and tubes into your pieces making them very tactile.
It was worth the wait.

vivage said...

Tactile, yes, it really is tactile. I played a lot with rather chunky add-on's. It's gonna make for a really fat book.

I'm really happy you enjoyed looking at the pages. :-)