Friday, April 18, 2008

April Bead Journal Project

Wow, this month took something out of me even though I didn't anticipate it in the beginning. I started out wanting to dedicate this month to my curmudgeon Scottie, FionaRoseBlossom, who just turned into a senior dog on the 1st. But this leaf took on a whole new meaning to be as I finished the last stitches. It made me circle from my very beginnings on the internet to now. You can see this & read my posting here. I've already started to get materials together for my last entry. I'm kinda sad that this year is almost over. Now to work on the wall hanging so I can put all my leaves, and my year progression in one place.

1 comment:

beadbabe49 said...

Beautiful story on this month's journal...I'm so looking forward to your finished piece!

(will you be joining us in sept. for the beginning of the second year?)