Monday, April 21, 2008

What to bead on?

I experimented with different fabrics - ultrasuede and regular cotton, before deciding on using stiff stuff. What kind of backing are you using and do you do anything to prepare it? Do you put a backing on it, do you paint it or use markers? I'd like to do something totally different for the next time, so am looking for ideas.


abeadlady said...

I usually use Pellon 70 or EZFelt to bead on. It has the same characteristics of Stiff Stuff, but is much less expensive. The Pellon 70 can be painted or colored with Sharpies. The EZFelt comes in many different colors. I also use them as a base for a fabric backing. Gives you a nice sturdy piece to work on.


KV said...

I, too, use the Pellon 70 craft interfacing. Unfortunately, I have experienced two different thicknesses of this stuff in separate purchases. But as Arline says, one can paint, use markers, or draw a design on this stuff. And it makes a fabulous backing for beading on fabric.

Kathy V in NM

Angela said...

I have used EZ-Felt for the support for all of my pieces for this year and found that I can even sew through 2 or more layers of it with out too much difficulty. I covered my pieces with either fabric or photo printing fabric and have no troubles at all. I would agree that some of the interfaces that I have used would work well also.

A lot will depend on what you plan on doing for your final piece; are you going to make a book, attach them to another support etc. These things may make a difference as to what will work best for you.

Good luck, Angie

GraceBeading said...

With all of my pages, I started with Pellon Peltex 70, covered it with fabric (basting it down on the back), then I backed each piece with Ultra-suede.

a2susan said...

I'm definitely going have to check out the Pellon Peltex. I like the stiff stuff because it doesn't hurt my wrist, but the Peltex sounds like it wouldn't either.

As far as being able to think ahead on how to finish my pieces at the end, I will also put more thought into that. Right now I just lay them out on the table and look at them, then put them back in a bag and into a drawer. I'm sure I can come up with something better next year!

flyingbeader said...

I'm using wool felt for all my projects.