Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Working on June and July!

I still haven't finished June's project but it is well underway. I decided not to do actual pages but to do a stuffed beaded doll for each month. I am not quite sure how I am going to display them but am thinking some kind of a wire tree to hang each month from. If that fails, they will each hang from a wire ornament stand.

I have already picked out the pattern I am going to use for July and have started sorting through my beads for just the right ones. I need to decide which color fabric I am going to use and dig it out. The funny part is that the dolls are completely covered in beads and you can't see the fabric but I still have to find the fabric that is "just right". Silly I guess

My time will become much more my own after the middle of August so I will be able to devote more time to the project then and will be more caught up.

I have actually made 2 entries in my journal which is a milestone for me because I have never kept a journal, not so much as a diary when I was younger. I have no idea why since I always enjoyed writing but my guess would be that I always have/had my nose in a good novel and didn't take the time to actually write instead of read - LOL!

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Robin said...

I've always thought that having a fabric I love unconditionally is extremely important to my bead embroidery work, even though (as with you)I cover it completely with beads. It becomes my muse, cheering me onward, making me happy, and guiding my choices the way a best friend might do. Not silly at all.