Sunday, July 1, 2007

This is Most Magical!

Hello everyone!

hand-dyed fabric by Robin Atkins, bead artist
I'm back home after a week in St. Paul, MN and a week in Chicago, IL ~ hot, humid, stormy weather (yuk) in both places, but good people and happy times.

Visiting my wonderful, 90-year old Mom for the first week, I had time to complete my June BJP page. Mom says it doesn't look like anything I've ever done before. Good! So hopefully it's a stretch.... Haven't decided if I'll post pictures on my blog or not... Maybe I'll wait until September.

The second week in Chicago, I taught for the North Suburban Needlearts Guild ~ bead embroidery, spirit dolls, and woven treasure necklace ~ GREAT students, all who worked very intensely creating excellent work!

A Chicago highlight for me ~ 0ne evening, after dinner, a couple of students in Ann Johnston's 5-day fabric dyeing/painting class invited me to join them and try my hand at painting dyes on some fabric. I jumped at the chance, and dyed (and went to heaven!) until 10:30 that night!!!! I want to do more of this ~ definitely want to take the workshop from Ann ~ definitely will use some of this fabric for BJP pages!!! You can see one of them at the top of this post ~ see more on my blog.

Had a good trip, but am so glad to be home. Spent 3 hours this morning reading BJP blog and following links to your June pages. GOOD WORK!!!!! OMG... they are sooooooo fabulous-magical! I am IMPRESSED, big time!

If you haven't finished your June page yet, don't be blue... just make it a priority and get to work! If you have to, downsize to make finishing more realistic. The first month is so important ~ once you pass that mark, you'll sail through the other 11 months with much more ease.

Blessings to you all... Robin


Sunni said...

Hi Robin and welcome back.
I for one am not totally finished. I hope to have it all tied up tonight.
The embroidery is all done as of last night but need to put it together.
Again I have to say thank you for this idea, I am so enjoying it.

Robin said...

Thanks, Sunni! Me too about enjoying it... in fact, that's an understatement... I'm LOVING it! Will you be posting a picture of your finished June page on your blog?

Sunni said...

Oh yes, I am taking a break right now, but almost have it together.
I hope to have it up this evening.
I am so excited about it. I totally changed how I was putting it together.
I have decided that I am going to hang each one over my sewing machine in my work room as group. Each one will have a pocket on the back with a written explanation about the piece and or how it is about me. I hope it will be something that one day one of my sons or grandchildren will have to remember good ol mom/grandma with.

CC said...

Hi, Robin! And welcome back! You are one busy woman! And it sure was nice of you to take the time to read & follow our links! It is fabulous to see it all tho'! And Sunni, I'm keeping a little written journal so I can add the words & poems to mine too. I think your grandchildren will love 'em!
With aloha! CC

Vicki said...

Welcome back Robin! I love that dyed fabric! Wow, it's electric! I've been playing around with stamping and dye-painting with some natural dyes. It's all such fun!

Sunni said...

Robin, its done and posted to my site. I already have my July pieces together to start it. It is going to be my celebration piece for my 54th birthday. And my "I" piece for the 12 pages making the statement. I am woman. Now off for some much needed sleep.

flyingbeader said...

Howdy Robin...okay so all you had to do was just show me that luscious orange fabric & I would have just squealed with delight, but boy o boy that looked great. Did you get to do one with salt? I loved that look, but did nothing as great as yours. Can't make it to Puget Sound this year, but a friend of mine is taking your class (Hi Ellen) and I'm sure Cynthia will run into you sometime. Embrace the Orange!


Lillian said...

Hi Robin,

I'm glad you're home safe and sound and had an adventure :o) Love your orange fabric and how fun to be able to use it for this project! I'm trying to get up a blog...whew...but my priority right now is to finish my June page :o) Thanks again for putting this together! I love working on my page, seeing everyone's art and sharing :o) Lillian

Mary Tafoya said...

Hi there Robin,

Is there some way I could get access to post? I see my name on the participant list but right now all I can do is comment...

Mary, gearing up for July! 8-)

Judi D said...

Great fabric, gotta love that orange! Thank you for your comment on my June page, it really means alot to me:)

thom said...

Hi Robin, glad you're home safe and sound. Finished June's piece some time ago but just got around to digging it out of the camera today. Have a pic in a folder but don't know how to post it or a regular blog posting so am using this space to ask, what do I do now?
Your Bro,

abeadlady said...

Hi Robin,
Great fabric! Can't guess why Dot likes it. She's the orange queen. Like Mary T. I have not been able to post on the BJP blog. ??
I finished my June page and am well into July. Just couldn't get this picture out of my mind.
Glad you had a good trip. Enjoy Tacoma.