Saturday, July 7, 2007

I Knew It Would Be Dangerous...

... to go looking at what other people have done for their Bead Journal Pages! I've lost track of the hours I've spent ogling the great beadwork out there in blogland. But what great eye candy!

I have begun my page for July. It will be very interesting to see how it develops as I have no clue where it's coming from or where it's headed. This may be one of those pieces that I understand only after I've completed it. I haven't had much experience with that phenomenon so far. There's learning (a new technique or whatever), and then there's learning (about oneself)!

Robin, I admire your ability and willingness to visit individual participants and leave comments on their work. I appreciate your time and commitment.

Sue in western WA


abeadlady said...

I know what you mean, Sue. I spend at least as much time reading the various blogs as I do beading each day. I love getting into other's heads to find out why they did what they did.

The beading is phenomenal and triggers new ideas everytime I see something new.


freebird said...

I agree. Seeing what others have done is great; seeing the progression of the pages is even better. I am not in any physical groups, not by a bead store, and classes are too far away or cost too much but watching the pages change and reading how or why the different artists here are doing them helps me expand too.

matilda said...

anch'io spendo molto tempo nell'osservare il lavoro degli altri, mi piace, mi stimola, mi da idee.
ho iniziato quest'avventura grazie alla notifica per il BJP che Sharon B aveva fatto sul suo blog , se non fossi tanto curiosa e amante del nuovo non avrei mai iniziato questo lavoro con tutti voi. non avrei avuto la soddisfazione di sapere che persone lontane, in altri paesi apprezzassero il mio lavoro.
non potrei imparare così tanto.
il mio disappunto è non poter leggere e commentare tutti i lavori insieme.;-))

Robin said...

Sue ~ I appreciate both your thoughtful post about learning and learning and recognition for my part in it. This has been one of the most satisfying endeavours of my life. When I teach and write, I always try to encourage exploration of self through art and truth in art. But what can one do in a day or a few pages in a book? This BJP has already vastly exceeded my dreams and hopes for those participating (and for me too)!

Lillian said...

I agree with you also Sue :o) The inspiration I get from viewing and sharing "comments" :o) has been incredible! I can hardly wait to get my blog going... Lillian