Thursday, July 5, 2007

2 questions

I've looked on blogger info, but haven't found this. How do you set up your photo so that it will open in a new screen as a larger picture? Nothing happens when I click on my photos on my blog.

Second, how do you get that lovely printed background behind your blog? Is it part of a template or something you add yourself?

Thanks for the help!


Brenda said...

I think I know about the photo question. When you download your image, make sure your image is the size you want people to see it when they click on it. Then in the "Add an image" area, right hand bottom is "image size". You can choose the small, but when people click on it, it will return to the size you downloaded.
Does that make sense?

Vicki said...

Thanks, Brenda. I tried a new post and the picture will enlarge. I still can't get the bead one to do that but I see how it's done.

Mary Timme said...

Sometimes blogger is just weird about doing it and sometimes the blogger gods get full.

I think the brown on this blog page is a template, but I don't know how some people get the neat backgrounds they get and have no idea how to do it. Wish I did!

Robin said...
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Robin said...

I tried to crack this mystery for a while, and think I finally have it.

You have to be able to know the file size of your picture, which is measured in "K" units or "M" (1000 x K). A file size of 50K loads on most computers in a few seconds. Larger files take longer.

Blogger used to say you could only upload images that were 50k or less. Now you can upload much larger files.

The answer to your question (I think), is that files of about 50K or less will not have the "click to enlarge" feature built into the code. Images that are larger than 50K do allow click to enlarge.

One thing I don't know, is the maximum size one can upload. I've never tried anything larger than 90K.

Here is a pretty good tutorial about sizing images for the web in Photoshop. The basic idea of it is the same in any imaging program.

Hope this helps... Robin

Vicki said...

Thanks also Robin and Mary. I can read the size of my photo file on my camera program so that helps. I'll try the tutorial - that should be helpful too. And I'm so glad to know about the blogger gods. They probably need offerings from time to time, as all gods do. :-)

Kathy Wagner said...

One idea I have found on my blog is that if I select the "centre" placement when downloading my photo, this photo will not enlarge. If I select "left" or "right" placements, the photos will enlarge...strange!?!
The background is the template you select. When you sign in to your blog, click on 'template' and you can pick whichever one you want.
Hope this works for you.