Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Anne Kingsbury, Journal and Bead Artist

Hello, everyone! This is Amy from Milwaukee. I wanted to share Anne Kingsbury's work with everybody (already shared with Robin). Ms Kingsbury recently had an exhibit here in Milwaukee of her beaded journal pages from the late 70s on. The exhibition was called Repetition and Discipline at the Woodland Pattern Gallery.

It was the most amazing beaded exhibit I've ever seen. She literally took pages from her journal and beaded them - some on deer skin using the smallest antique beads. A few of her pages are on the website . Please take a look! You will be inspired!

I am excited about this project - I've been journaling for a long time and visually journaling too. I have been enticed by beads for almost as long as I've been journaling. Lately I've been bead weaving. I've never bead embroidered before and the combining of two of my passions promises to be a challenge! Now all the ideas are stewing in my head!


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Robin said...

Thanks for adding this to our blog... Anne's pages are so inspiring. Not that we have to do what she did, but looking at her work certainly gave me some good ideas. You're right about this being fun!