Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hello from the Night shift

Hello all. I'm very excited to start this year long exploration. I work Night shift at a hospital & am lucky enough to be able to take my beading to work with me. Some nights I get alot of free time to pull out a project, others I'm way too busy. I've decided to use a 4x4 "canvas" for my project so that at the end of the year, I can hang them all together & have a visual "journey" of the year. Oh excuse me, I get so into describing what I do that I forget myself. I'm Dot from Columbus Ohio. I've been beading for about 6 years now, but loved to do tapestry cross stitching before that. My friend from Seattle got me addicted to beads. I'm also a budding doll maker & have been blessed enough to join a fabulous doll making club here in Ohio called the Guilded Lilies. They are very supportive and always challenge me. Just this month I was able to take my beading skills and teach at a conference here & got 6 doll makers wanting to bead, bead,bead. Because I'm a doll maker, I've decided to make my year project a themed one. I want to explore how to make a more realistic beaded face for dolls & will use this as a sort of sketch pad for my ideas. I love textures and am always looking for new ways to let the eyes and the fingers get excited.



Robin said...

Thanks for the introduction, Dot... Here's an idea... you might consider doing one or more self-portraits (or "portraits" of significant people in your life) as you explore making beaded faces.... That could lead you into visual journaling at the same time as it develops your face beading skills.

flyingbeader said...

LOL! I was thinking about doing a black & white of my Grandmother when she was 6 years old. But then I do love the texture of her face now that she is ninety four. Thanks for the idea. Now to haunt my photo albums.