Friday, February 29, 2008


I put something about continuing on in my latest post and then came over to this blog to see a poll. Now, I don't mind starting right away or waiting a while. Here's why:

  1. If we wait, we have a chance to finish up any unfinished pages plus we can put them together which for me means making my pennycloth table topper and for some others, a book binding of some sort.
  2. If we start right away, we will be in the groove with it. It's always harder to restart than to keep going even if it's something we all love doing.

I just wanted to share what I was thinking about continuing the project in case it makes any difference as I really am torn between waiting and not waiting.



vivage said...

I would love to skip one month and start right back in. That one month can give me time to reflect on a different format and gear up for the next 12 months.

I'm afraid that if it starts up again with a long stretch in between I'll get committed to something else and won't be able to particpate.

It's been more difficult than I imagined to keep up with all the different blogs; my own has not been updated in months, to keep beading while getting to see so much eye candy and read so many compelling stories.

So I need to make a committment as soon as I can to help me manage my time (where DOES it go?).

Robin said...

Yes, I see both points too, which is why I put both options on the poll. Timaree... I agree... too much time lapse and it would be so easy to drop out... Thanks to both of you for posting your reflections on this.

Robin A.

Robin said...

Ooops, booboo... I meant to say Vivage... I agree.