Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Just Checking In

G'Day All,
Feels like ages since I last gave an update. Feb started off fantastic, my page was going wonderfully and life was good, but was then struck down with the worst toothache ever! The dentist visit I'd been putting off for sometime was inevitable, but naturally for me there were complications (what else?!)Long story short, I'm falling behind again and my face has, luckily, receded from a golf ball size swelling to a gum ball size swelling. I'm on so many anti-biotics I'm rattling!
But on the upside we have had the wettest Feb in years and it's still raining, me thinks the drought has broken. With only one day of the month to go I just know that I'll not be finished inside the month but I'll be there at the finish.
Hope you are all in good health, I fighting back
Nospoj (Dinah)


abeadlady said...


Hope you start feeling better soon. Don't worry about catching up. I know you can do it. Take care


Robin said...

Oh Dinah, I know how it is when your tooth gets infected and your face swells up like that. I'm so sorry you've had this awful thing, and hope it totally clears up very quickly. I'll be looking forward to seeing February's PBP wherever you get it finished! Big hugs, Robin A.