Friday, February 1, 2008

Flicker & blog question

Well, I finally figured out how to put pictures in the Flicker account. I'm pretty computer challenged & am so proud because I did this all by myself without asking my husband for help. I do have a question for those who blog alot. I have our Bead Journal Button on my blog account, but want to make it a link. How can I do that on Layout page? I don't see a place to link it. I might have done it wrong by just downloading the picture to my computer & then reloading just the picture to my account. That might be why I can't seem to get it to link. Any thoughts or helpful hints???

1 comment:

freebird said...

Many of us seem to be "challenged" with this button. Poor Grace, she must be wondering how something nice can turn into a problem. We'll get there somehow.