Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Computer woes & further behind....

However I look at it I found I am further behind with my beaded journal, but I did come up with an idea, I am going with smaller squares & each day as the weather becomes more springy I will be able to sit outside & do just that BEAD!!!! yeah.

My compter the past few months has been acting up & finally now we donot have one that will connect any longer to the internet, so I am for now using my friend Kate's laptop. We have yet to decide if we will put money into a new motherboard, or new laptop. Our neighbor is helping us decide.

Who all here has a laptop? Do you prefer them over a tower?

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Have a beautiful day & wishing lots of creativity.


Brenda said...

I have both a laptop and a tower.
I love my laptop, it is so mobile. As long as you have an airport card (Mac) or equivalent (pc) you can be connected in seconds.
The only drawback is not having a mouse, but you can add one for a slight cost.

vivage said...

Laptops are great for their mobility but desktops are longer lasting imho. You get more (more memory, more harddrive space) for less money.

But the mobility factor is not there.

Joann said...

I only have laptops (two actually, one big one with a 17" screen for software development, and a 12" one for dragging around for fun). My laptops seem to last as long as my towers used to. And I drag mine around in a backpack alot. Almost all have built in wifi cards now. And you can get cell modem cards that rival cable speeds.

freebird said...

I have a laptop and my husband has a tower. I love my laptop and he loves his tower. I love the mobility; I can take it everywhere keeping my favorites, my pictures and everything (even recipes) with me. He likes the speed he's got which is my only drawback. He's going to add extra memory to mine soon. The new laptops have lots of memory though just as they come. I've got Vista which my husband says slows me down a little but I don't care, I love it. I store photos, music and more on it and it seems to hold it all fine. Am I saying go for a laptop? Yeah! But maybe some of those who use photoshop or other stuff might have different opinions.