Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Beaded "Sample Book" ?

Thanks Robin for this last post---you did help me to figure out my problem finding the BJP blog posting page and so now here I am! I recently got this book from our local library which I thought maybe folks here would be interested in ... CREATING SKETCHBOOKS FOR EMBROIDERERS AND TEXTILE ARTISTS by Kay Greenless.

I just found the images of other artist's sketchbooks in this book inspiring--I have kept a journal/sketchbook---filled with both "doodles" and writing, and clipped images for many years. Much of the time "doodles" I create in a journal end up in my artwork or fabric designs. However this books has great examples of so many types of "sketchbooks" (or journals) ---using fabrics or objects as a jumping off place for designs or drawings, that I was quite intrigued. I have recently started adding fabric samples to my sketchbooks--and paper samples (like patterned scrapbooking papers)---and now I am toying with the notion of somehow creating a beaded/beading "sample" book (journal) for this project....

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Robin said...

Good idea, Aurora, and thanks for writing about the Kay Greenless book... I'm going to check to see if our library has it.