Saturday, May 12, 2007

This is a test...

I was able to sign in and post to this blog using my current blogger ID (in spite of what the email message told me). I think because my blogger account is so new I didn't have to create a whole new password, etc. to do this. Those of you with longstanding accounts may have to create a new account. It looks pretty painless.

I'm interested in seeing what other people are creating, but I'm sensitive to those who may feel overly influenced by what they see others doing. I tend to be that way myself. So maybe the solution is to hold "viewings" only once in a while as someone else suggested. Once a quarter or half-way through or something. In the meantime, those who are relatively new to the process could certainly post questions or concerns they may have about what they are trying to achieve. Sometimes input from someone else can help clear up a blockage!

All in all I'm excited about this and I join with others who have already spoken up to thank Robin for setting this up and being willing to spearhead the project. :- )

Sue in western WA

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Robin said...

Thanks Sue in WA for posting. Good news that it's working! I too like the idea of a periodic viewing.