Sunday, May 13, 2007

I have appreciated all the comments on the posts and the posts. I'm also amazed at how this has grown to 53 people the last time I checked.
I'm willing to see others work as we get to the November, December time crunches. College students aren't the only ones to feel the winter blahs and I believe we will all have our 'down' times, times when we wonder why we ever agreed to do this; I mean what were we thinking. So, I'm suggesting getting a view of one page, from each person who wants to share, of the journal might bring back some of the enthusiam that is burning hot in our hearts right now. You know when the sunlight is gone and you're decorating the house and getting all the cookies baked, etc. and have screaming kids who've had too much sugar, your heart may be a little distracted. Therefore, I'm suggesting a break then by letting some of your Journal work out, if you want to. If you don't want to have that distraction (to some) but want input (for the others) I can see some pictures of other work maybe for the season or something and to keep up interest. A post with pictures is always more fun than one without. That being said, I'd like to keep the journal as a window into the artist as much as possible during the creation and then blam the world with our collective brilliance. Picture me smiling here.
I'm getting my material all ready for the process of next month as I want to get a start now, because I know things will slow down at certain times of the year. It is a long time to stick to a project and while I think it will be worth it, I hope everyone will do their individual thing, not some collective thing. In my sense of the world there is very little left that is not collective and I'd hate to fall into that trap. Of course, I can always ignore the blog and just bop along on my own if I choose, but I'd also like to encourage and mentor those who are new to beading. And I hope someone will encourage and mentor me in making a book. I've never made an actual book in my nearly 66 years. I'm going to need help.
Those are my major thoughts. I look forward to hearing from those who agree or disagree.

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