Sunday, May 13, 2007

Pull the shades!

"~little windows into the personality of an artist ~"
This is one of my work areas in my Arizona studio, my mind and personality isn't much different. Grinning - Does the world really want to look in my window?

My personal preference is to see photos and progress of everybody's work. I can't work in a Vacuum and find that creative give and take makes for a more interesting outcome on any project. I thrive on bouncing creative ideas around, which is why I attend Bead Caves and teach - I learn as much from my students as I teach them.

For a couple of years I've been saying that I wanted to do a major, long term, project and I thank Robin for the opportunity to do just that - one that really grabs my attention, can be broken down into manageable chunks and gives me some focus & deadlines to meet. I'm mulling around a "theme" or "structure" for my project. I grew up in Chile, so I'm thinking of my structure as a very loose association based on an Andean Quipu, which was sort of personal notes in cord and knots. In reality, I personally need the physical structure of the "blank pages" of a journal to write upon with beads. What I bead for those pages will be what each month throws my way. Each string will be a month, recorded somehow, in beads.


Robin said...

I'm going to risk something here... I know you were joking a bit about the world looking in your window, but what I think is hugely important is that we give ourselves the chance to look in our own windows. I personally believe art is a fabulous way to allow our hearts to speak out freely... a process which is often cut short by our minds. Thanks for the link to Andean Quipu... very interesting!

Mary Timme said...

I'm with Robin on the Andean Quipu and like that thought a lot. I'm letting my journal come to me as it wills. At first I was going to do something on a strict theme basis and as the time gets closer, ummmm, not so much. So, I'm letting what comes come. I also like Robin's point about hearts speaking freely and I want to support that as much as possible without being influenced too much.