Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Portfolio for Journal Pages

I've been catching up on the posts. Someone mentioned she wasn't sure how she would assemble her pages at the end of the project so I thought I'd mention what I plan to do (in case I haven't already done so - who can remember all these details?!). I'm doing bigger pages than most of the rest of you from the sound of things. I'm coming from the quilting world and will be exploring intuitive piecing as well as bead embellishment. My pages will be 8.5" x 11". I bought a binder or portfolio from Dick Blick - very inexpensive - that is basically page protectors bound together. I can slip each journal quilt into one sleeve, put an artist statement in the sleeve opposite it, and have all my quilts together in one place. I'm not sure they are available in a very small format but maybe you could find a photo album that would work the same way? This is if you don't want to actually bind your pages together yourself in some creative way of course!

Sue in western WA

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Mary Timme said...

This seems like a good idea to me Sue in western WA. I'm going to do something where I've made the pages already, and they are bigger than I need so I can write a saying, poem or just homespun wisdom for that side of the page. Then I want a ... I don't know exactly, but a something so I can attach the beaded piece that it relates too facing it. I'm not sure how I can do it, but it is months away. It will come. (I sincerely hope!)