Thursday, May 17, 2007

Life is like a puzzle

Hello everybody,

It is funny to see how things very different one from another happen in your life and suddenly all these facts which have nothing to do together match perfectly, like in a puzzle...

Last Sunday, I went to Paris with Emilie, my daughter and one of my sister (we are 5 sisters!) to visit a sculptor friend of her (she offered me a beautiful piper) and artists open workshops. All we had to do is wander through the streets for the whole district is devoted to artists and all the workshops were open to the public for 4 days. During our "ballade", we entered a voyage association whose exhibit was about travel journals. I saw wonders there. Especially a young lady who draw travel sketches and present them, in a tiny fabric book with linen pages. At the time of my visit, I really fall in love with her journal and now that I'm a member of this project, I realize how these two facts (so far away one from another) match perfectly. Isn't life wonderful???
I have questions to ask about the medias we can use for our Journal. But I will ask later. Now I let the other speak :o)))
Have a nice friday and a beautiful week-end (it seems that here, near Paris, it will be grey days... the sun is still sleepy).
LOL. Marylo, la Rêveuse

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flyingbeader said...

Isn't that amazing that there you were totally unprepared and there on a street in Paris, you found an answer. Yes, life is the most amazing thing ever. I'm going to use ultra seude/or boiled wool felt with batting on the back for my base. Don't know what everyone else if going to use. I also am new to mixed media & might want to test those waters in my year journal.