Monday, May 14, 2007

Denise Here with some Ideas

The main reason I decided to join this project was because I felt that it would create opportunities for me to expand my techniques. I want to be able to learn more stitches, play with colours and practice my cab work. I have decided to work with 4 by 4 squares. I can do lots of beading on a square of that size but don't have to fill it if I'm having a busy month.
I like the idea of people sharing and discussing what techniques they want to practice, which colours they want to work with. Sometimes it may be completely intuitive beading but even intuitive beading can benefit from colour exploration or the use of different types of beads or stitches.
I hope to benefit from the exchange of ideas, thoughts and plans for certain times of the year!
I may even have to buy the odd bead or two - ya know that's going to be fun too!
Cheers, Denise


Jacqui said...

Thats a really beautiful doll and I agree I would like to share photos and ideas, especially about arranging the pages as I have never made a journal in my life. I am really looking forward to this project and browsing ideas in my head at the moment I will probably start researching those at the weekend before just setting off in June.

Sue in western WA said...

Love the doll Denise!