Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What to do? What to do?

What to do with my 12 BJP pages... this is the driving question that's been bugging me for months and months! OK, so I made a decision to make them into "soul cards" (sort of like tarot cards)... and did... see them here.

But, all this will change... soon. You'll see in the next post. Anyone else going through this near crisis about what to do with your pieces????? (Do I hear you saying misery loves company???)


Padparadscha said...

Hem, well, I just shoved my pieces in a drawer for the moment.

Problem is : I got carried away, so all formats are not exactly the same and some pieces are quite thick. Doing a book therefore requires clever engineering.

I was wondering, would cardboard eventually damage the textile ? (Robin, you often talk about acid free paper and so on)



Robin said...

Hi Hélène ~ Cardboard really isn't the correct word for what I used. Technically, it's called Davey board or book board. It's completely acid free and archival, designed for making book covers. I got it at an art supply store. You're right, most cardboard is not acid free and would eventually damage the fabric. By the way, you're not the only one whose pieces aren't the same size... maybe next year? ;>} R.

Padparadscha said...

Well, yes, Robin, gotta leave space for improvement in 2008, right ? :)

Thanks for the information on the material you used. I was going to use plain material, like for a photo album - will have to think more about this !

Winter Wanderings said...

My lesson for next year -- same layout with either all Landscape (horizontal) or all Portrait (vertical) -- as this year I have some of both. I did make them all the same size at least.

Anonymous said...

Must admit this is one of the elements of this project, that has been dogging me for awhile now.

Being in the framing shop, I realise that to do 12 separate frames will be prohibitively expensive, Even one good frame for that size would be about $200-250 and that's with 50% discount coupon!(never do a frame without the 50% discount coupon, if its not available this week, it will be a couple of weeks later.)

I have had an idea and in that vein bought a whole lot of discounted mat board which is acid free ($1.00 for piece up to 16" square) But as someone else said, actually binding them like a book will be a very, very bulky item. Then as Robin, has said on her blog, it likely in time to crush some of the work. Oh dilemma.

By the way, Robin, I love the tarot card like presentation but I can see why you are concerned at the handling of them.

Seems like the end will be a project in itself! :)

vivage said...

I had a lot of trouble trying to figure mine out too. I hated, really hated, stacking the pages in book form. My pages are way too thick and it looked like an extremely stuffed rolodex.

I'm still not happy with what I did end up doing and am looking at doing a quilt type thing next year.