Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I haven't been able to share for about a month and have no pictures. Family health issues have intervened. I don't have my book together as my 79 year-old Dear Husband developed the worst kind of West Nile Virus and almost died from it and is now recovering. I'm thinking I might get it done this week end however as he is improving so much and very quickly.

I note a lot of frustration and ennui at finishing this years works for the BJP and can only think a lot of us are having family and professional issues as well as exciting events that take up a lot of energy and time (here I'm thinking graduations, deaths, births, and weddings for the big ones). As one of the older members of this group, I would love to give you each a big hug and say, oh, just do it. We will not see your 'mistakes' unless you point them out to us (something I always feel compelled to do as well) and you'll feel energized and ready to start again in September. I'm collecting eyes for my new theme for 2008, "The Eyes Have It" and thinking of a new format to put them together.

You've done amazing work as I check it out when I can. I have to get dressed for a doctor's appointment for my DH and must leave. But really, just do it! Follow your heart and just finish it. Finished feels good! You can always go back and make some changes or do it differently next year!


a2susan said...

Thank you for your pearls of wisdom. I am so glad to hear that your husband is recovering - it sounds like you've been on an emotional roller coaster. Hugs to you, Susan

Padparadscha said...

Oh Mary, i'm so sad to hear about your husband's illness !

Hope he is better, and that you are OK !

I'm intrigued by your eye theme, look forward to seing what you do with it.

Thanks for the hug.

I send you lots of hugs and love,


KV said...

Best wishes for your husband's recovery, Mary . . .

Kathy V in NM

Anonymous said...

Thank you for letting us know what is going on and best wishes for your husband's recovery. He must be one strong individual to beat the West Nile virus.

Hope you complete your pages as you plan and looking forward to seeing your contribution in next journal year.

heidibeads said...

Mary, My prayers are with you and your DH. West Nile is a terrible thing to go through. Thank you for your words of wisdom, I have a tendency to point out mistakes or even look for them in my work. Nothing is ever good enough so I did just as you said - I just did it. Can't wait to see the EYES. Best wishes.

Denise said...

I was reading your blog, and was stunned by how fast your husbands illness came about and then the equally quickly wake up and go home!! He really is amazing, isn't he! It really is a nasty virus and we don't even realize how it all comes about! I remember reading the loss of memory and that it was good for you to go to the doctor. I guess that was one of the first symptoms?
Thanks for sharing this with us, and thanks for the wisdom of finishing. I'm behind but I haven't given up and I'm not going to stop until my pages are done!
Give your husband an hug for me, and tell him thanks for the lessons!

Sandy said...

I'm glad your DH is on the mend. I know that issue only too well. Just doing it is the best advise for any age, but it seems to take a while to learn it.

Robin said...

You can see, Mary, that all of us are behind you and Tim... giving both of you positive, healing energy. You are one amazing woman and I, like the others, am totally enchanted with your theme idea for the next BJP. Big beady hugs, Robin A.

Mary Timme said...

Thank you all for this response. I didn't expect it and it has been lovely. I really like that I've been able to offer you a bit of encouragment. And the hugs, gosh, who doesn't love them?!!!!

Sending the same to you all and best of luck.

Any Smith said...

Life does get in the way sometimes. I appreciate your support while you are supporting your husband. I like your theme as well.

Nancy K. said...

I think that has been one of the best things about this journey and project, and that is the positive support we all give and receive.

Thank you for yours to me and mine go out to you.

I also like the eyes idea too. I have a picture I just love of my dog Disco's eyes on my blog if you have a chance to check it out again. The link is in my post just a couple before yours.