Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New page - stuck too

I too was/am stuck, or blocked, or what ever what you want to call it. I just can't bring myself to work on my page any longer. I wanted to finish it before I posted but it may be awhile. So I posted a picture of my current page and my most recent completed beaded project. I also talk about my inspiration for the current page, it started 7 years ago! Link to my blog below.

Reading the advise Timaree got is helpful. Although I know in my case, it is time to move on to something else for a bit. I have not posted in quite a while, either here or on my own blog I have been checking out everyone's pages all along and as always, everyone's work is amazing and inspirational.

I have no clue how I will put my pages together and look forward to seeing what you do Robin.

I now have 7 1/2 pages, so almost ready for the web site. I still plan to get there before the next Journal starts in September. Definitely doing smaller pages next time around. I have many ideas for that too, so while I am sort of stuck on my current page I know I will keep at it.

Thank you everyone for continuing to post and sharing your work with all of us! Happy beading, Nancy K.


abeadlady said...

I can easily understand you wanting to do that particular page. I knew I was home again just as soon as I saw the oak covered hills near Tehachepi in 1982. I left Missouri with my daughter in a U-Haul truck, pulling my car to return home to California. It was a traumatic time for me, but just knowing I was home made all the difference.
Perhaps you will be able to finish this page later. Or you may find, as I did, that you need to do something entirely different. I still am unable to finish my original September page. Maybe I can do it for this next year. I had to just let it go so I could finish the year out on time.
Don't give up. Work on something else for a while, then go back to your pages.
Good luck,

Mary Timme said...

I believe we are all individuals no matter what happens in our lives that is similar.

It is very common to feel frustrated, lethargic, etc., at the end of such a large project. Don't feel bad. Just do it. When it is over, we mourn a little and glean from our experiences a lot and move on. There is always next year!

Nancy K. said...

Thank you both. The thing about working on something else is I have so many something else's and things to finish. But that is a good thing I think (ususally sometimes I put too much pressure on myself to finish.) As with most beaders I know I have many, many UFO's! But I always get the pieces done that I really want to. One of my goals for the next few months is to decide which of my UFO's I will never do and put the beads back in with my regular beads. I did that with a few things last year, it is really hard as sometimes I like to keep the colors together even if I use them for something else.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! you are in sight of the finishing line, even if its not a race:). As the saying goes "The wheel turns slow but it turns sure" Author unknown.

Must admit I have that moment in every month, stuggle through it and fingers crossed it works the way I want it to go. Have that problem with April, at this very moment, so after I have written this I will be taking myself off upstairs and conquering the demon.

Jody said...

Hang in there Nancy, I know sometimes we struggle to complete projects.

Think part of it has to do with different time frames in our life when other things take over that time which we want for ourselves.