Friday, June 27, 2008

Finishing - Final Solution Found!

bead journal project, Robin Atkins, finishing detailThis picture is a clue... To see the solution, take a peek at my blog, here! I'm satisfied now, at last... They are finished!

My bead/quilt friend Lunnette (also in the BJP) coined the phrase, Paralyzed By Finish... Often when a long-term project is completed, there is a period of paralyzation of creativity and productivity, of being stuck, of being down emotionally. Her solution is this: ALWAYS have a new project started before finishing an old one. I wish I had heeded her, because now I'm suffering the PBF syndrome... So, I caution you... finishers take note!

Robin A.


ACey said...

Robin - I already commented on your blog but wanted to leave a note here too about how much I love the way you completed this project.

Have decided to build a box for mine, since the scroll idea wasn't very practical despite how much I loved it. I do want the pieces protected from dust and also thought that concealing them did make them seem more journal like. But I am putting off making the box because I don't the energy to "go away" until September!

Robin said...

Acey.. Thanks so much for both of your comments and your support! I think you are heeding Lunnette's "Paralyzed by Finish" much better than I did :>) Robin