Thursday, June 26, 2008

I'm Shaking My Fist In Mock Rage

At YOU, Robin A! Drat you!! Just when I thought I'd put the BJP behind me, here you go and inspire me again. Now I won't be able to rest until I make a book of my own!

Since I thought I was done, I made this post HERE where I show off the purse and box I made to display my pages (pics were also loaded to the Flickr site).

*sigh* I guess ya'll haven't seen the last of me after all. Drat you, Robin Atkins!!


Robin said...

LOL, Morwyn... You'll take the drat back when you see your book (I hope). I'm on my way to your site to see the box... Ohhlala!

Sweetpea said...

Morwyn, maybe this is just a teensy tiny, wee bit of a sign that you shouldn't leave us (and all the inspiration :>}} after all....??? There must be some sort of Celtic myth surrounding such a happening, yes....?? sigh. ah well. only my gentle goading to try and get you to carry on and stay with us....

From one of your fans,
Christi, in WA state