Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bead Jornal 2007 Pages

I have had so many deadlines that it has been difficult for me to meet every one of them and I am sorry to be tardy.
I am sending along several pictures of completed Bead Journal pages for all to see. I found this project to be very motivating and exciting to meet some of the personal challenges I set for myself for each page. Some of these challenges were:
create a page totally mixed media using beads, thread, ribbon embroidery
create a page using my own original art work and bead embroider it
create a page using photo transfer and the bead embroidery technique of Amy Clarke
create a page using beads & sequins to learn how to embroider with sequins
create a page using modular fabric design motifs with a bit of bead embroidery
create a page using flat peyote stitch to translate my business logo

Marcia Acker-Missall
www.pottedfrog.com potdfrog@bellsouth.net

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