Saturday, March 8, 2008

Finishing and Continuing...

We had 5 cm of snow overnight and we are expecting 30 more cm today. I can't image where we are going to pile this much snow when we venture out to shovel - again! But it is a perfect day to stay indoors and do some beading.
I just finished my January piece and you can read about it here. I hope it reflects the windy snowy winter we are having here in Ontario, Canada. In the newspaper this week it said that there has been snow- even if just a trace- every two days out of three days since Dec. 1, and more than half of the days have seen less than an hour of sunshine! My husband and son are loving it since they ski/snowboard. I have enjoyed the time I have had to do beading and quilting. But the novelty of all the snow wore off long ago!! We want to see the sun! Maybe that will be in my March BJP!
Re: continuing the BJP - I have enjoyed reading the various responses and have thought about my vote. I am big on commitment, so I want to make sure I can fulfill everything I commit to.
I know I will continue to work in this beading format as I have enjoyed every single moment. It has really stretched me and I can see the ways in which I have grown. I will definately sign up for another year, and I am having fun dreaming and journalling about what I will change for the next series. For sure I will make a smaller size (I am doing 8.5" x 11" which is too big!).

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