Sunday, March 2, 2008

Another year....

I have to vote yes. Even though I've found myself falling behind at times,this project has always been working its way into my subconscious wanting to make me expand. I've looked through the pieces I've done so far & they just seem to chronicle the month's passage by using events. Then February took me totally by surprise as it didn't have anything to do with Valentine's Day or Mardi Gras which I originally planned, but it was about something & someone that I had been thinking about for while. Emotions poured through my needle & onto the surface. I finished it all in one sitting. I was stunned that my fingers moved so fast, but the work needed to be completed. I was drained when done, but very pleased. Now I think I've figured out that I want the rest of my leaves to be more me & not just a name on the calendar. I want to go on, challenging myself with small projects every month so I voted yes to continue. I think I'll pick some other form as the center of my yearly challenge, but I want to keep doing this even if no one else wishes to go on. I've found the road, and it looks very enticing with lots of twist, turns and new discoveries. I shall not run down the pebble strewn road, but meander looking down, looking up, and always touching hands with my friends who walk with me.



beadbabe49 said...

lovely, lovely post, dot!

abeadlady said...

Well said, Dot. I think you described what many of us feel. I know I personally have become more in touch with my emotional side during these past months. Like you, I will continue on my own if necessary. But then, that is one of the nicest things about beading; we are never really alone are we?


Robin said...

Ditto to Bobbi's and Arline's comments above. I'm so pleased that you've found the joy of making your work "you!" That was one of my goals in starting the project, and I'm happy to see that many of us have gravitated toward personalizing our art!

Looks like we'll be doing it again... I'm so glad you'll be in it for another year!!!

Blessings, Robin A.