Monday, March 10, 2008

80 Percent Favor Another Year of Beading!

Hi and thanks to everyone who took the time to think about another BJP, to vote and to write comments!!!! Since most of us are wanting to make a commitment for 12 months more, you can consider it a sure thing! We'll be back!

The question is when and what are the particulars?

My situation is this... I totally enjoyed being the glue for the 2007 BJP, although it took a great deal of extra time, especially in the first couple of months. I still get numerous emails wanting to know how to do this or that. I've dropped the ball a bit on follow-up and record keeping. I'd like to work toward getting a publisher interested in a book of 2007 BJP pieces/stories (more on this in my next post). Also, I'd like to organize a show of the work.

All that is to say... I need a few extra days in each week just to keep from drowning. Part of me wants to be the organizer for the next BJP. And part of me wants one of you to take the ball for a year. If I am the organizer, it will have to start January, 2009. If somebody else takes on the responsibility, it can begin again right away in June, 2008 (or September, or whenever). Is there anybody out there with organizational skills, patience and a little time? I'll be glad to help if you like.

Whoever organizes it, there are two things regarding the second year that I feel strongly about... First, I'd like it to be open to new members. Actually, I'd like it to be a whole new thing, new blog, new name (2009 BJP), etc. Secondly, I'd like returning members to have the freedom to change their direction, size/shape, theme... to start fresh. However, I still think it is important to keep the size/shape consistent within each year. So, you'd be able to change your size/shape, but you'd be using your new size/shape for all 12 pieces next year.

This isn't my wrap-up speech... but I must say, this has been bigger, better and happier than I ever imagined it could be. I'm thrilled with all the creativity and beadwork done as part of this project! Equally thrilling (and somewhat unexpected for me) is the internet friendships and support we've shared this year. It's amazing! I had no idea so many of us would actually DO it... My best guess is that about 150 of us will finish 12 pieces... That would be a total of 1800 beaded journal "pages..." WOW!

Love to you all! Robin A.


vivage said...

Robin, I'd love to help either by coordinating with others, or taking charge. We can also consider a group of people who can be assigned administrator duties because the blog is wide open to every posting member.

I agree with everything you posted for the next year as well. One idea I had would be to open the next years blog with a Lessons Learned post that anyone with tips about the journey can add to a post. Like what is a Behinder? What was the most difficult part of doing journal pages? The ideas for each month, the deciding upon how to bind or not bind each page, how often (or not) to post to a personal beading blog or to the main blog, pretty much anything that will help a newbie understand the commitment.

abeadlady said...

Yea! I'm sooo glad we're going to do this again. It can only get better.

As good as all the beading has been, what has become so important to me are the friendships we've started this year. As Robin said, the support of others like ourselves has been phenomenal.

Vivage,Thank you for offering to head our group as we go on. I'm not the most organized person, but you can count on me to help wherever I'm needed.


Padparadscha said...

Oh wow, 1800 beaded pages, how impressive !

BJP 2008 has been (still is) a wonderful adventure for me, and I met many wonderful people thanks to it, I'm really grateful to all of you, and especially to you Robin for making this happen !

I'm also willing to help for 2009, Vivage, if you need.



pam T said...

I am also willing to be in charge, with guidance, of course.
This has been an incredible journey.
pam T (Wi)

heidibeads said...

Hi Robin!

I am amazed at what has been done this year - thank you for getting it going. I would be very happy to help with anything that needs to be done - we might want to have one person in charge and a few others from geographic locations for people to contact first before going to the "main" person. Just a thought. Thanks again - Heidibeads

Quilter Kathy said...

Very exciting Robin! I cannot help out at all in terms of the continuing new and improved BJP, since I relate to just trying to keep my head above water with my current schedule. Re: a new coordinator - I think you should pick someone who has a consistent track record in terms of participation in the group, someone who has as much passion as you do Robin for this project, and someone who is keeping up with their own pieces and can take on this big challenge. I am only good to be a cheerleader at this point in time!
And I'm telling you, I might think I had died and gone to heaven if I were able to see in real life the wonderful beaded journals that so far I have only seen on the computer screen! I think I would travel to anywhere in the world to see them...I sure hope the exhibition idea works out!

Timaree said...

I like what Vivage suggested - we could share duties on the blog and make portions to handle different things. We could insist on both a blog and an email address so we can find people who don't seem active. I am willing to help but am not good at organizing as I always forget something such as time, where I've been and where I'm going. The more info we can post on the blog the less anyone will have to keep up with leading the group. Maybe we can get a button to link to a help column so people can check it and give advice leaving the administrator free on that score too. Maybe if we all get together we can make it so easy Robin won't want to hand the reins over!

Magpie Sue said...

Robin, I'd love for you to be free to pursue those goals for this year's BJP. Vivage has some good ideas for the next round too. I might be more free than others to help administrate next year's project but without more specific knowledge of what's involved I wouldn't know whether I would be qualified. You can add me to the list of people willing to help though!

KV said...

I would be willing to continue as a regional contact person if needed. Like Robin, I am looking at an especially busy year here but there is always time to be a contact person.

Kathy V in NM

Lois2037 said...

I vote for NOT starting immediately, since a break would be really useful during this busy summer I've got lined up...

The idea of a book and/or exhibition is thrilling! I, too, would love to see these pieces in person, and the artists, too.

I was talking to a comic book artist the other day, and he was astonished that I was in the Bead Journal Project, which had been highlighted in a Folklore class he had taken. I was astonished he'd heard of us. I'm getting the feeling that BJP is a lot more well-known than we realize.

Sarah E. said...

Robin, as noted in my own blog (, 2007 sucked for me. I couldn't even post pics because DH (that's DAMN HUSBAND now!) took the computer. BUT, if it hadn't been for my beading and needlework, my sanity would have flown the coop. In view of the fact that things can't possibly get any worse but improvement can be a slow time coming, I would definitely like to continue another year/period of time with the BJP. Shortly I will finally be able to get another computer (I'm at the library for now), and so I will have a slew of pix to post and time to play!

Thanks so much for everything you've done both with throwing this idea out to our world and all the incredibly hard work in organizing and keeping up in addition to the rest of your life.

I think all of us deserve a round of applause -- we've hung in there, maintained some semblance of sanity, and created some massively awesome artwork!

Heartfelt regards from Sarah Ellis, who now resides in beautiful historic Waxahachie and is learning to love life again

Robin said...

Vivage ~ Thanks so much for your offer to take charge or at least help out and your ideas. We need to continue this discussion with email. I'll write shorty.

Arline ~ You're right! It can only get better and more fun!

Helene ~ You've been a great help this year, and I'm pleased you're willing to again for the next round.

Pam ~ Thanks!!! We're in touch by email...

Heidi ~ Yes, the contact tree idea works well. Thanks for helping!

Kathy ~ Good suggestions about "qualifications" for the leader. I've already put that to good use. Thanks for being a consistently wonderful cheerleader!

Freebird ~ Great idea! Prominent links to various help topics should definitely be a feature on the new blog.

Sue ~ I'll email you soon.

Kathy V ~ Super!!! I hope we'll be doing a bit more with the contact people next time.

Lois ~ I've been running into a bit of that too... Exciting!

Sarah ~ I'm sorry about the DH thing, but glad to hear you're getting back on track again and that the beading helps!

Mary Timme said...

I pretty much agree with everything said. I'm just not that computer savvy to do the nuts and bolts of that time or administration or organization, but I'm so glad there are people who are.

My one beef, would have to be I cannot and will not always do the same shape each month. I usually do a rectangle, but not always and as long as my size is near 4" X 6" that is what I aim for.

I love the idea of a show, I love the ideas of continuing getting to know people, and I love that so many people are making connections with other beading people, including me! It is a wonderful thing and we've produced really great pieces. I think the tips section would be helpful for many beaders too. For me, just keeping on keeping on is my goal at this time.

beadbabe49 said...

Sign me up for also being willing to help with whatever computer stuff needs to be done...I like the idea of a main organizer but with auxillary organizers to help the main person. Spreading the work out among several folks sounds like a fine idea.

GraceBeading said...

You can put me on the list of those willing to help! I have a potentially heavy travel schedule coming up the rest of the year for my 'day' job, but would love to help when and where needed.