Sunday, March 2, 2008

Another Year Comment

This experience has been a real inspiration and shot in the arm for my work this past year. If we continue, I will change the format and the theme, as this year's theme of Facing Forward allowed me to use some of my many face cabs to carry it and I want to do something different for next year. I will continue to make pieces that come from my heart...I want to use different fabrics though and more fabric manipulation and perhaps a tiny bit less growing stash of fabric seems to be leading me in that direction. I've always said I'd never make a quilt (too much of the dreaded "sewing" on a machine) and this may be the year I have to eat those words as I already have had to eat the ones about never doing bead embroidery...sigh....


Robin said...

I'm sure your quilt will be every bit as wonderful as your beadwork and other art!!! Aren't we lucky to have time and means to do art?!!!

Yes, I'm sure many of us who go forward with this project will make changes. We need new challenges and our experience this year will naturally lead us along new pathways.

Like you, I want to use more fabrics and fibers and try to do more manipulation of them.

beadbabe49 said...

I sure feel blessed to have the time and support, robin!

(but hey...I didn't actually say I was making a quilt...just that it wasn't out of the realm of possibility!)

Can you tell the word still scares me, lol!

Quilt Architect said...

Hi Beadbae49,
I started a hexagon quilt in 2004. My goal was to do a hexagon a day or make a row with 7 across and 52 rows down. I figured in 7 years I would have a hexagon quilt and I would see different fabrics from different years. I am on my fifth year and it is neat to do a quilt like this. It is all paper pieced, which I also enjoy doing.

Katie B said...

I floundered with this project.
BUT - I found myself.
In a quilt.
Not pages, but in a quilt.

Now, I if I could just get my pictures up.
I'm working on it.
And I need to post more!

Hang in there!
Katie B (coconutbead = blog)