Wednesday, November 14, 2007

November page is finished

Hello fellow beaders :-)

You can view my November page (and a lot of other artwork) on my blog HERE

Happy beading to all



Hélène H said...

Great piece and great blog !

However it's a pity we can't leave comments on your blog.

I went to Wesserling this summer to see "Jardins Réduits", I really enjoyed it, your piece in particular was wonderful.

a2susan said...

Thank you for sharing your work and your website. Although I don't understand French, your art doesn't need a language - it is beautiful!

Caroll L. said...

Thank you for your nice posts :-))

I you want, you can now write comments on my blog. (I didn't notice than I must activate this function ...)

Happy beading

artandtea said...

Hi Carroll,
I didn't see a place to leave comments on your blog so I'll leave one here. I love all of your pieces, they're so lush and textural. Beautiful!

freebird said...

Rich, luxurious. That's what your pages are.

Todd & Marília Aitken said...

Wow very nice.

Todd Aitken
Bead Warehouse