Thursday, July 10, 2008

posting in members gallery

In addition to putting your photos on Flickr and individual blogs, you can also put them on the bjp homepage (link is on the left). The directions are easy to follow (they have to be if I was able to do it!) and your journal pages will look so nice displayed on one page. It's very exciting to see everyone's work, all the different styles, and the incredible talent.


Robin said...
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Robin said...

Just have to add a note to Susan's post... To post your pictures on the BJP website, 2007 BJP member gallery, you need to have 8 or more finished pieces.

Also, if you've already posted less than 12 pieces, and have since finished more, please send the new ones to PinkMoonHallow (Brenda B). And, if you've made something with your pieces (book, wall hanging, framed them, etc.) you can add a picture of your finished work to your page. You can check my member page if you wish to see how that looks.