Thursday, July 17, 2008


I've just spent wonderful time looking at all the pieces of work on the BJP website. Each person has moved me in one way or another and I plan to get back on the horse and finish my pieces before September.

My January page is partially finished but I'm not real happy with it and that has put a beader's block on that page.

Thank you Robin for thinking of this idea and sharing it with so many talented beaders.

Beadily yours
Susan Feldkamp

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Padparadscha said...

Hi Susan,

Thank you for your kind supporting words.

I am not happy with many of my pages. However, I decided to use the BJP to practice ignoring my inner critic. And that was very very hard. Now that the pages are finished I am listening to the critic, to try to do better in 2008.... until I close my ears again ! :o)

I do hope you get back on the horse as you say, and I look forward to seing more pages by you !