Friday, December 14, 2007


It's a cold, grey Friday afternoon in Detroit, and I happened to get off 2 hours early today because my co-worker sent me home (I usually do the late shift, but she needed to make up hours today). I get home, am welcomed by my herd of rat/fox terrier(ists), and get the mail from the box. Hmmmmm? A package from Canada? I haven't joined a swap so what is it? Hmmmmm, about 90 yards (75.4 meters) of bubble wrap. Followed by some pretty blue tissue.... Return address - Ottawa? I don't know anyone in Ottawa. I know Paula in Leamington, and my co-worker in Tecumseh, but Ottawa??

Thanks Denise!! It made my day. Denise was following the story of how my newest dog ate my wishbone that was beaded and sent me two wishbones! How fun to open a package that I wasn't expecting and receive something that will just make me giggle while I am beading. They arrived safe and sound. Although I would have loved to have seen the customs officers face if they opened a small package declared "art supplies" and found turkey bones!!!!! Thanks again!

(p.s. November is here!)


Denise said...

Oh I am so glad that you got them!!! I was having a chuckle at the thought of any customs agents opening them too!
Cheers, Denise

The bad Liz said...

Thanks again Denise - I will be certain to post pictures so that you can see what I managed to create with them.....