Sunday, December 2, 2007

Beaded Houses

Hi BJP beaders!
This is my first post to this group (to any blog, actually.) So this is my introduction, my update on my progress, and my expression of gratitude to all you BJP beaders who have been posting regularly. I check this blog almost daily and I'm so inspired by being a witness to everyone's process. Thank you!
I have completed my first five pieces and I'm in the middle of November's BJP. I created a new page on my website titled, Houses-BJP, where I am posting my completed pieces. I am so excited about working in a series that has the structure of the format I decided to use. My biggest growth so far has been how I have struggled with being a behinder and now pulling out of that and feeling more or less on track.
Happy Beading,
Jennifer W.
Cleveland, OH


vivage said...

Wow, beautiful Jennifer. Love all your houses and love your website. Very fun to see a whole new person posting a big body of work at one time.

Padparadscha said...

I love your houses too, it's a great idea and your realisations are wonderful !

Robin said...

The house being a symbol for the soul is a fabulous shape for BJP pages... you've so deliciously used it to speak your truth. I wish I'd thought of it! Did you study bead embroidery from Amy Clarke? I love they way you've beaded in concentric circles (like she does)... it has such power! Thanks for posting your pictures and for letting us know they're up! Robin A.

Sandy said...

I sure like them. Sandy

a2susan said...

OMG! Your houses are fantastic! I love all your other media work, too. Thanks for coming on board. Susan

Sue said...

Yea Jennifer, the houses were well worth the wait, they are wonderful, welcome aboard!

KV said...

These houses are so charming and your beading is wonderful.

Kathy V in NM

Karen L. Cohen said...

Love your house idea and that you beaded in concentric circles. Oct. is my favorite. I used to teach high school math so I love the idea you used the Golden Rectangle as your proportions! If any one wants to see more on the Golden Rectangle, see the Disney movie "Donald in MathMagic Land" - wonderful for anyone, especially geometry students. Keep up the good work! - Karen

Any Smith said...

Very nice work indeed! I also enjoy the shape of the houses. Glad you posted them for inspiration. said...