Thursday, December 13, 2007

November BJP Complete

I have posted a picture of my November page on my blog. I have also posted about my lack of progress with my October page. Nothing like a good WHINE on a cold rainy day.


flyingbeader said...

Sue, that is looking good. I'm having trouble with November. I want to do a tribute to my Dad, kinda like Grace did for her son, but it just won't come. I guess I should push on & do December.

BTW...fellow Buckeye here in Columbus!


Creed said...

This is a lovely companion to the poem.
Since the background fabric is so pretty, you might want to consider leaving parts of it showing through the leaves here and there (real leaves often have holes in them). Or you might want to use some different fill stitches, like the one where you come up, pick up 3 beads and go down a little ways away over and over (makes a slightly nubbly surface). Or perhaps fill one leaf with small matte sequins or size 11's sewed down one by one in a random scatter.
Be patient with yourself ... and give yourself room to experiment. Just don't give up!

Creed said...

Oh, yes, and November? Excellent! May I snitch your idea to make something for my brother-in-law? He'd love it!