Friday, August 1, 2008

finishing your pages

This year I was more concerned about actually making each monthly piece than on how to finish and organize them. For next year, I want to think it through so I can actually have my pages together in some way.

So my question is, what have people done for this year or are thinking of doing for next year?

I know several people have shown their work - but not having multiple needle (quilting or sewing) or bookbinding skills, I feel unsure what to do.

Thanks, Susan


Ellen said...

Susan, I put each of my pages into frames, I bought the frames online at the beginning of the BJP year. Some of my pictures 'spill' out of the frame. My DH is going to make an area to display them for me - we are in the middle of re-decorating the living area so nothing is up right now

KV said...

As Ellen, we are in the process of framing my pages, too. The dimensionality of most pieces simply would not work in a bound situation. Of course, I had to choose a shadow box that requires quite a bit of fiddling with . . .

Kathy V in NM

Anonymous said...

I am framining my work as well, as I figure they work as well indiviudually or as a group. For the journal part I am going to collect all the blog stuff (including anything I have said on this blog about my pages) and all the reference material I used. Given that I am still tolling away on March's page (see update on my blog), getting the next part done might take a while :)

Angela said...

I finished mine off to hang like quilts with a small sleeve on the back of each. Since mine are 8x10 it works pretty well. currently I have them all hanging together from chains 3 rows across 4 down.

For next years I am doing a quilt with a mixed media collage attached to it that will have all of my blocks for the year attached to that so the whole year will end up being one work of art.