Thursday, January 31, 2008

November and December on my blog

Hello dear beaders!

It's been a while since I posted (miserable excuses include writing my new book, time with Mom in Minnesota, holiday house-guests), but yesterday I spent the whole glorious day reading every post to this blog since mid-Dec. and following all the links to your blogs where my spirits were much revived and lifted by your beautiful art!!!! After six hours of catching up, I got busy on my own blog where you can see:

November BJP - here

December BJP - here

Tomorrow I will post January. The next day I'll post pictures of Thom's (my brother) recent BJP pieces. Guess it must be true... when it rains it pours.

We're two-thirds into it now. If we're on schedule, we have eight journal pages completed. It's clear that the behinders are busy catching up, their strong comittment evidently nudging them along. Excellent! It is my hope that of the original 242 members we will have at least 100 who complete all twelve journal pages. Wouldn't that be fabulous!!!!!


Teresa said...

Hi Robin,
Iam a behinder but catching up! I was caught up and then the holidays came, I started a new job...yada yada yada...
Teresa Sturnfield

freebird said...

I hope more than 100 will get done. We just might be a little late!