Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Need a Little Help

I am a frog collecter so my nine year old granddaughter made me a frog pin for Christmas. It's a quilled frog on a Sculpey lily pad. She glued the frog on the lily pad with super glue but it didn't hold. I don't want to experiment and ruin her project so I am wondering if any of you know what glue will bond Sculpey and paper. Will E6000 work? Any suggestions?

Happy Beady New Year!



Anonymous said...

There's a great website that tells you what glue to use to attach just about anything to anything else:

Hope it helps!

freebird said...

Thanks Barb. I'll check it out. I've updated my blog to show how my spirit doll looks at present.

Nospoj said...

Can't help with your glue problem but wanted to say Hi to another Frog Collector. I've been collecting since the early 1960's- unfortunately not all have survived my many moves but still have a large collection which get's added to by my lovely friends Christmas and Birthday.
Dinah - Nospoj

Anonymous said...

Barb (ist comment) probably has the right idea.....I use R-6000 for all my jewelry projects...it's a great glue for almost everything'

Anonymous said...

OOPS...make that E-6000

freebird said...

Thanks for the suggestions. I will try the E6000 as the web site mentioned above didn't have polyclay as one of the bonding surfaces listed with the paper.

It's fun to find people who share our interests (isn't that one reason we are all here with the BJP). Frogs were an accidental collection. I bought one and now everyone gives them to me. I love seeing what they'll come up with.