Sunday, January 13, 2008

My December Journal Page

Happy New Year to all of you!

It's been awhile since I've posted here. Between the holidays and a jewelry show I participated in last November, I have a lot of catching up to do. I've just completed my December page and you can view it on my blog here.

Even though I've fallen behind, I've been following everyone's posts and links with great interest and enjoying the gorgeous artwork. I still have my November page to complete. I'd like to do a photo transfer onto fabric. It will be from a photo I'll scan into my computer.

Does anyone have an easy technique for this?



Karen L. Cohen said...

I love the use of the fiber. I sometimes see gorgeous yarns and have nothing to use them for so now i'll have to remember this for the future! As far as photo transfer to fabric... there is a special paper you can print onto using an ink-jet printer that you should be able to get at any place that sells special printer paper like Wal*Mart or maybe Staples. This is done a lot by quilters so you might try a quilting shop for tips. Google "photo transfer to fabric" and you'll find stuff about this. We do this at a camp where I teach and one studio does photo transfer to tee-shirts. So I know it's not hard. Good luck and keep having fun beading! Karen

Nospoj said...

On my November page I transfered a photo to felt. I just used Avery (brand)iron on transfer paper for t-shirt's. I live in Australia but I'm sure you can buy it everywhere, and I bought it at Big Wat (our version of Wal-mart) in the stationery department.
Was very easy just read the instructions and remember to print in mirror image!

KrispiS said...

I have been using the Jacquard Products fabric sheets. They are available from Dick Blick on line, and are the BEST I've found. The fabric comes adhered to paper which makes it stiff and capable of feeding through the inkjet printer of my computer. I have printed hundreds of these and am VERY pleased. All of my BJP flowers are printed on this fabric. I am leaving the paper on for stability while I bead.

artandtea said...

Thank ladies for your suggestions!